Supply Vessel Sinks in Belle Pass

(GALLIANO, LA, MAY 15, 2006) – At about 11:25 pm on Saturday, May 13, 2006, Harbor Police received information that SEACOR ENERGY, a 200’ long oilfield service vessel, had struck an underwater obstruction and was sinking in Port Fourchon’s Belle Pass jetties. No injuries were reported.

The Harbor Police responded to the scene and four non-essential personnel from the vessel were transferred to shore by Harbor Police. A United States Coast Guard investigation team responded to the scene.

Reportedly, the vessel was entering Belle Pass jetties from the Gulf of Mexico, favoring the east side of the waterway, when it struck an underwater obstruction. The vessel took on water in the forward compartments and settled to the bottom. The vessel did not completely submerge, and the cargo deck remains above water. Eventually, all below waterline compartments were flooded. No pollution was noted.

The vessel owner, Seacor Marine of Morgan City, has contracted Bisso Marine to conduct the vessel’s salvage and operations are expected to begin immediately. Several vessels are on scene and assisting.

The Belle Pass jetties channel is not blocked and can be transited safely; however, mariners are urged to exercise caution when passing the SEACOR ENERGY as salvage operations will soon be conducted, and the vessel has no power or radio communications. The Port Commission’s No Wake Ordinance will be strictly enforced, particularly in the Belle Pass jetties. A Notice to Mariners regarding this incident is being regularly broadcast on VHF channels 13 and 16.