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Ordinances are regulations established by the Greater Lafourche Port Commission under authority granted in La.R.S.34:1652 and La.R.S. 34:1652.2. The Port Commission’s ordinances are adopted in the interest of facilitating secure trade and commerce throughout its area of jurisdiction, the Tenth Ward of Lafourche Parish. The Port Commission employs a Harbor Police force which enforces these ordinances, and it works with the Lafourche Parish District Attorney’s Office to ensure fair retribution for violation of these ordinances.

In the past, the Port Commission adopted an ad valorem tax ordinance every year to assess its authorized annual property tax millage. Approximately half of the Commission’s seventy-four total ordinances are ad valorem assessments; thus, the listing of ordinances has been divided into Ad Valorem Tax Ordinances and Non-Ad Valorem ordinances for your convenience.

Ordinance No. 2 – Construction Affecting Waterways (rescinded)
Ordinance No. 8 – Inspection and Approval of Pipelines
Ordinance No. 13 – Commissioners Taking Office
Ordinance No. 16 – Vessel Mooring and Loading Zones
Ordinance No. 17 – Authority of Harbor Police
Ordinance No. 18 – Harbor Police Boarding of Vessels
Ordinance No. 19 – Damaging/Defacing Port Property
Ordinance No. 20 – Prohibiting Deposit of Oil or Refuse in Waterways
Ordinance No. 21 – Prohibiting Theft of Cargo
Ordinance No. 22 – Parking and Vehicles in Port
Ordinance No. 25 – Abandonment/Neglect of Vehicle or Vessel
Ordinance No. 34 – Vessel Docking
Ordinance No. 37 – Hazards to Navigation
Ordinance No. 47 – Stockpiling Hazardous to Navigation
Ordinance No. 49 – Prohibiting Stationary Butterfly Nets in Waterways
Ordinance No. 50 – Fishing with Nets in Belle Pass (suspended)
Ordinance No. 51 – Establishing No Wake Zones
Ordinance No. 53 – Vehicles/Riding Animals/Glass Bottles on Beach
Ordinance No. 55 – Fishing with Nets in Pass Fourchon
Ordinance No. 58 – Prohibiting Alcohol, Firearm, and Drug Use
Ordinance No. 60 – Insurance for Commercial Users (rescinded)
Ordinance No. 65 – Limits Length of Tows
Ordinance No. 67 – Unattended Vessels in Nerby Collins Marina
Ordinance No. 68 – Fishing with Nets or Traps in Developed Port Properties
Ordinance No. 69 – Hunting/Fishing/Trapping in Rappelet’s Pond
Ordinance No. 70 – Use of Nerby Collins Marina
Ordinance No. 71 – Prohibiting Unmanned Vessels During Storms
Ordinance No. 72 – Prohibiting Vessels Obstructing Access to Bank
Ordinance No. 73 – Airport Height Zone
Ordinance No. 74 – Storm Harbor Marina Use
Ordinance No. 75 – Coastal Wetlands Park Use