Security & Services

Port Fourchon’s security is in the capable hands of the Greater Lafourche Port Commission’s Harbor Police department. Their vigilance, extensive knowledge of the area, and keen understanding of vessel capabilities keep traffic flowing smoothly in port waterways, minimizing restrictions on commerce while promoting safety for all. Port Fourchon Harbor Police work in coordination with multiple local, state, and federal agencies to provide port security, law enforcement, emergency and non-emergency response, and general port services. The organizations below perform core functions that make the port safe and secure for its users.

  • Port Fourchon Harbor Police

    Port Fourchon Harbor Police patrol the Greater Lafourche Port Commission’s jurisdiction, including Port Fourchon and the South Lafourche Leonard Miller, Jr. Airport, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, both by land and water. They also continuously monitor the port, airport, and other GLPC facilities via a closed-circuit video surveillance system with feed from a multitude of strategically located cameras installed throughout the Port Commission’s areas of operation.

    Port Fourchon’s Harbor Police are highly trained in incident response and command and are prepared to handle the smallest complaints, such as keys locked in a car, to the highest threats of environmental or catastrophic consequence. They provide vessel escorts, assist port users, and enforce port ordinances.

    Harbor Police take as their primary mission the protection of port users from all threats and dangers presented, and they work closely with other federal, state, and local law enforcement officials to ensure that port users operate in the safest, most secure environment possible.

    For more information on our Harbor Police force and their duties, see the resources below:

    Harbor Police Contact Sheet Harbor Police Vessel Escort Policy GLPC Governing Documents, including Ordinances
  • US Customs and Border Protection

    US Customs and Border Protection operates a full service customs office with the ability to check and clear both US and foreign vessels in Port Fourchon. This service has provided convenient, timely, and cost efficient import/export opportunities for new companies or companies who have previously sought customs services at more distant entry ports.

    Port Fourchon does not require river pilots to usher ships into the port. First arrivals to Port Fourchon may choose a river pilot from a vessel agent or may take advantage of an escort by the Harbor Police. In either case, the fees are dramatically lower than Port of New Orleans fees. This may save thousands of dollars in entry service fees. For smaller importing companies, saving these fees makes Port Fourchon the most feasible entry port in the Gulf region.

    Vessel entry bonds and cargo entry bonds can be obtained from vessel agents.

    A listing of basic customs forms required upon entry at Port Fourchon can be acquired from the national Customs and Border Protection service website linked below.

    US Customs and Border Protection CBP Forms Page
  • US Coast Guard
  • TWIC Information

    The Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Program is a security program of the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) designed to prevent unescorted access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime transportation system. Several facilities and companies in Port Fourchon require enrollment in the TWIC program.

    Please visit the TWIC Enrollment website below for information about the TWIC program or to apply online for a TWIC card, schedule an appointment, find a TWIC office location, or get a replacement card.

    To call for TWIC information, dial (855) 347-8371 to reach the TWIC Call Center.

    *Please note that this automated line is the only phone number for TWIC information; there is no direct phone number to local TWIC offices. You must either call the automated line, enroll online, or visit your TWIC office in person. Port Commission staff cannot answer questions about your TWIC card.*

    TWIC Enrollment Website

    Local Enrollment Center – Houma

    TNT-Thatcher Building
    309 Goode Street, Suite A
    Houma, LA 70360

    Open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    *NOTE: As TWIC is a TSA program and not run through GLPC, we are not always informed of the latest location and hours of operation for the local enrollment center. Please confirm TWIC office locations and hours of operation on the TWIC website’s “Enrollment Center Locator” page before visiting. Enter PORT FOURCHON, LA in the search box to find information on local TWIC centers.

  • Firefighting Services

    Lafourche Parish Fire District #3

    Lafourche Parish Fire District #3 services the Port Fourchon area, with jurisdiction from north Larose to the Jefferson Parish boundary line. Having firefighting and emergency services on site in Port Fourchon adds to port preparedness and safety.

    Fire district personnel are trained and equipped to assist with any emergency situation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Firefighters undergo specialized training to fit the growing and changing needs of Port Fourchon and surrounding areas. Such training includes rappelling and rope rescue from elevated structures as well as confined rescue to assist workers trapped in confined spaces.

    The fire district consists of both paid employees and firefighting volunteers and is coordinated by Fire Central Dispatch, a state-of-the-art telecommunications center. Fire Central dispatches for Lafourche Parish Fire District #3 and Lafourche Ambulance District #1, answering emergency calls and calls for service throughout the port area.

    Emergencies can be reported by dialing 911. For non-emergency calls, dial 985-632-8068 to reach Lafourche Parish Fire District #3.

    Lafourche Parish Fire District #3’s Port Fourchon Fire Station is located at 412 A.J. Estay Road, centrally located to handle emergencies. An additional fire engine and firefighting equipment are staged at the Port Commission’s Fourchon EOC building, near the entrance to the port at 180B A.O. Rappelet Road.

    Lafourche Parish Fire District #3 website
  • Medical Services
    Emergencies can be reported by dialing 911. For all non-emergency medical service calls, see below local medical services providers that service the Port Fourchon area:

    Lafourche Ambulance District #1

    Contact: Ms. Deborah Gautreaux
    17078 West Main Street
    Cut Off, LA 70345
    Emergencies: 911 or (985) 632-7191
    Phone: (985) 632-7192
    Fax: (985) 632-7198

    Acadian Ambulance

    Contact: Mr. Steven Kuiper
    P.O. Box 3500
    Houma, LA 70361
    Phone: (337) 267-3333
    Fax: (985) 876-8719 

    Lady of the Sea Hospital

    Main Phone Line: (985) 632-6401
    Emergency Room Contact Number: (985) 632-8257

    Lady of the Sea General Hospital is an acute-care inpatient hospital which provides a variety of services to the South Lafourche community. Lady of the Sea Hospital is located approximately 35 miles from Port Fourchon. This hospital is well-equipped for emergency treatment of marine-related accidents and other necessary medical treatment. A helicopter landing pad is adjacent to the hospital for emergency services.

  • US Department of Homeland Security
  • US Immigration Services

    Port Fourchon provides a reference directory of the immigration and services available through the US State Department and the US Immigration Services. Initially, the State Department is the entity of the US government that is chiefly responsible for determining eligibility and issuing visas for entry to the US. Visas are not issued through the Department of Homeland Security.

    Click here to obtain State Department information on visas

    The US Citizenship and Immigration Services, under the Department of Homeland Security, provides a visa and immigration portal – a web information center to help navigate immigration and visa issues and security clearances. Click below to access the portal.

    US Citizenship and Immigration Services Website