Airport Development

GAO Runway LandingThe South Lafourche Airport and adjacent industrial park areas are both rapidly growing and changing dramatically. Usage of airport facilities varies and includes private recreational aircraft, search and rescue, crew transportation, flight instruction, fish spotting, and energy support services. The demand for corporate-related activity is a critical factor in the intermediate and long-term growth of the airport.

The most significant factor in the future growth at the airport is related to the development of facilities. Since the implementation of runway extension, widening, and strengthening improvements, jet traffic at GAO has increased 300 percent. Future expansion plans include the implementation of airfield lighting upgrades, airport access road improvements, continued industrial park development, and the construction of a new airport terminal facility.

As a result of the changing nature of the local economy, the Greater Lafourche Port Commission has made a strong commitment to continue the airport’s growth as a premier aviation facility that serves the needs of recreational, corporate, commercial, and industrial aviation activities. As the airport’s capabilities have increased, new businesses have continued to invest their own funds to further develop the airport’s landside and airside facilities. Since the acquisition of the airport in 2001, private companies operating at GAO have already spent more than $55 million developing aviation-related landside and airside facilities. The South Lafourche Airport is a vital cog in the matrix of transportation, service, and support facilities for the deepwater energy industry in the Gulf of Mexico.