LA 1 Project

LA 1 ProjectLouisiana Highway One and LA 3090 currently provide the only land access to Port Fourchon. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has completed the first phase of a two-lane elevated highway from Golden Meadow to Port Fourchon. Phase 1, from Leeville to Fourchon, opened its first segment, the Tomey Doucet Leeville toll bridge, on July 8, 2009, and the Leeville to Fourchon segment opened in 2011.

This highway project was a victory for Port Fourchon and the local Chamber of Commerce. Local residents, business leaders, and the port worked side by side to have this project developed and pushed through state agencies and the legislature for the benefit of the community of Fourchon and other communities along the 17-mile stretch of highway.

In Phase 2 of the LA 1 Improvement Project, which has not yet received adequate funding, the elevated highway from Fourchon to Leeville would stretch eight miles further to Golden Meadow, within the South Lafourche levee system. This highway extension would provide local residents and port tenant businesses better evacuation routes during hurricane and flooding conditions. The port would have a more reliable transportation route to the interstate system for shipping. Local tourism and fishing economies would expand because of the increased accessibility from Louisiana’s interstate network to areas like Fourchon and Grand Isle. Funding for Phase 2 is projected to exceed $320 million, and the Greater Lafourche Port Commission, in conjunction with the LA 1 Coalition, is working to identify and secure funding.

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