Community Partners

Port Fourchon is located in the heart of a seafaring community whose people are reliable, honest, and hard-working. Many are knowledgeable about both the marine and energy industries and would be tremendous assets to any company’s workforce. These Cajuns form a tight-knit community, and they pull together to help each another succeed, thus creating an environment where all can succeed. The region is rich in local Cajun culture. Schools, churches, and numerous festivals and fishing rodeos provide families with educational, social, and recreational options.

Lafourche Chamber of Commerce

Lafourche Chamber of CommerceThe community has a solid Chamber of Commerce. The Port Commission is an active partner with the local chamber to help the area plan for economic development and provide businesses with opportunities to grow. The Port Commission creates a climate of support for the businesses operating at the port, and the local Lafourche Chamber plays an active role in fostering that support.

Lafourche Chamber of Commerce Website

Golden Meadow-Fourchon Tarpon Rodeo

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Golden Meadow-Fourchon Tarpon Rodeo Website

Fourchon Oilman’s Association

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Fourchon Oilman’s Association Website

Additional Community Partner Agencies: