Port Fourchon’s Role in Restoration of Oil and Gas Infrastructure More Important Than Ever

(GALLIANO, LA, November 2, 2005) With still over half the Gulf of Mexico’s oil and gas shut-in as a result of recent hurricanes, Port Fourchon’s role as a support base has gained even greater significance. If servicing over half the drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico was not enough, Port Fourchon is now playing a prominent role in the recovery of the oil and gas industry in the storm battered gulf.

Since August 26, over 75 million barrels of oil and 375 billion cubic feet of natural gas have been unavailable to the U.S. from the Gulf of Mexico production. “This is extremely significant to the country’s energy supply and represents nearly $10 billion of product,” said Ted Falgout, Port Director of Port Fourchon.

“The impact of these storms on land support facilities both east and west of Fourchon has accentuated the Port’s role in the recovery process,” according to Falgout.

Last week, one of the largest cargo vessels that have ever come into Port Fourchon, the Fairpartner, docked at Delmar Systems’ Fourchon facility to unload chain that is going to help secure platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The Fairpartner, which is 473 feet long and 87 feet wide, is one of the most powerful heavy lift cargo vessels in the world. The ship is owned by JUMBO, an international company with offices based in the Netherlands, Switzerland and Japan.