Port Director Contract Renewed

ted_mug_shot(GALLIANO, LA, JANUARY 17, 2007) – At a special meeting today, the Board of Commissioners renewed Ted Falgout’s contract for another 3 year term until December 31, 2009.

In March of 2006, Falgout announced his intention to retire in December 2006. Falgout said since the announcement to retire, several things have happened that have caused him to reconsider his intentions. Falgout said, “Other than the personal requests from Commissioners and business leaders to consider continuing my efforts with the Port, perhaps the single most thing, is the unprecedented passage of Offshore Revenue Sharing by Congress. This sharing of revenues is something this Commission and I personally spent well over a decade in trying to achieve.”

“Although very little money will be flowing to Louisiana in the short term, these next few years will be critical in shaping this program. The fate of our port, transportation, hurricane protection, and community as a whole, will lie in the details of how this program unfolds,” continues Falgout.

Larry Griffin, Port Commissioner said, “I have served this commission for 14 years and have seen Mr. Falgout do his ‘magic’ in Washington and find us money that we didn’t know existed. Mr. Falgout’s knowledge of OCS Revenue and involvement with decision makers at all levels can be an invaluable asset to this region.”

The contract states that Falgout will be responsible for preparing the Commission for the retirement of the Executive Director. Six months prior to Falgout’s departure, the Commission will select a successor. Once a successor is chosen, Falgout shall aggressively train the successor in all aspects of his responsibilities and prepare his successor to assume the responsibilities of Executive Director in advance of Falgout’s retirement.

Donald Vizier, Commission President said, “Today, the commission recognized the value of Mr. Falgout’s experience. I thank him for giving us another three years to find a suitable replacement or hopefully train someone in house.”

Jimmy Guidry, retired Harbor Police Officer and newly elected commissioner said, “Mr. Falgout has almost 30 years of experience, and it will be hard to find an executive director with expertise in our unique industry. By Mr. Falgout staying for another 3 years, the commissioners will be better prepared to find someone that is qualified to replace him.”

Falgout’s contract states that he will be compensated based on the average salary paid to U.S. Port Directors as compiled by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) in their Annual Salary Survey for the year previous to the current compensation year.

Johnny Melancon, Commission Treasurer said, “I have been a Commissioner for 12 years and believe Mr. Falgout has been a key element to the success of the Port. I believe in fair compensation for a track record of accomplishments.”