NBC Highlights Importance of Port Fourchon in Recently Released Docuseries

Photo of NBC News webpage showing Port Fourchon featured in docuseries

NBC Nightly News recently released a docuseries discussing the importance of Port Fourchon, while also taking a closer look at south Louisiana’s fight to remain resilient in the face of dealing with coastal land loss.

(CUT OFF, LA) – In late January, a film crew from NBC News embarked on a docuseries to explore the importance of Port Fourchon.

What this production crew discovered was an enlightening experience that checked many of the boxes they were looking to check.

The final product of their efforts, called “Water’s Edge,” can now be viewed on their website at nbcnews.com/nightly-films.

“We invited them down here with open arms to show them everything our port is and does for both our local and national economy,” Executive Director of the Greater Lafourche Port Commission Chett Chiasson said. “As is typically the case, the moment you get someone in a boat for a tour, the real education begins.”

The crew was brought through numerous slips and shown restoration projects where mitigation has paved the way for more than 1,000-acres of wetlands creation to date with more planned in the future.

Port Fourchon and its nearly 250 users service more than 90 percent of all deepwater offshore energy activity.

With future investments and commitments from industry stakeholders like Shell, Chevron, and BP, Port Fourchon’s claim of being “Ready for Today, Ready for Tomorrow,” has never been as apt a description when describing the port’s strategic importance to the entirety of the U.S.

With many partners combining their efforts and resources to fight for our working coast, it became evident to NBC that entities like Port Fourchon don’t simply talk a good game, but actively participate in making sure our tomorrow is as good as today.

“We like it whenever outside news organizations, especially one like NBC News, come here and showcase the work we and others are doing to make south Louisiana a better place for everyone,” Chiasson said. “Living in south Louisiana is a struggle due to coastal land loss issues, but together with our many working coast partners, we are fighting back, and I love how that is presented in this docuseries.”

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