September 29 @ 4:30 p.m. – Ida Recovery Phase, Update 22

Hurricane Ida
September 29, 2021
4:30 p.m.

Port Fourchon’s Recovery Phase continues post-Ida as we make continual progress.


  • BAYOU LAFOURCHE: The Bayou Lafourche channel south of the Galliano (Tarpon) Lift Bridge, known locally as the South Lafourche Bridge, is now open to vessel traffic. Mariners are advised to use caution between there and Leeville due to multiple dive teams working in various sections of the waterway. See US Coast Guard MSIB 036-21 for navigation information regarding safe passage near divers. Bayou Lafourche remains closed to marine traffic north of the South Lafourche Bridge. If there is an urgent need to transit this area, all waterway users are directed to contact the US Coast Guard by emailing or calling Sector New Orleans Command Center at 504-365-2544.



  • ROADWAYS: Roadways are clear to and within Port Fourchon. LA 1 to Grand Isle has limited access for property and business owners and emergency services.
  • PORT WATERWAYS: The US Coast Guard has set Port Fourchon as Port Condition: Normal with Restrictions. Both Belle Pass and Port Fourchon waterways are open for 24/7 operations.
  • TENANT FACILITIES: Port tenants have been given full access to return to their facilities. Tenants’ employees should contact their employers for specific information on returning to work in Port Fourchon.
  • DEBRIS: Port businesses are asked to continue stacking storm debris within the footprints of their facilities so as not to impede access by utility workers getting services restored in port. While there is no debris staging area in port, the port commission is making arrangements for a ONE TIME PASS for large-scale debris pickup once utility work is done and public rights-of-way are cleared for use. Stay tuned for an update sharing details. We will give port tenants time to collect their debris and move it to the roadside ahead of the debris pickup date. The remainder of your facility’s debris is thereafter your responsibility. Please do NOT place debris along the side of the roadway until you are cleared to do so.



  • POWER AT PORT: Entergy is working with port tenant companies this week to bring their facilities back online safely.
  • WATER: The Lafourche Parish Water District has restored water supply to Port Fourchon. A boil water advisory remains in place for all areas south of the Golden Meadow floodgates. Please report any outages or possible leaks to the Water District at 985-532-6924.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Most cell service has been restored.
  • COMMERCIAL FUEL: Stone Fuel, C-Port Stone, Martin 16, and Harvey Fuel are all operational.
  • FOOD, GAS, & SUPPLIES: There are no convenience stores, gas stations, or restaurants open at this time.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES: Fire and emergency services have been established in Port Fourchon, and Port Fourchon Harbor Police are continually working security for the area from a law enforcement perspective.
  • SOUTH LAFOURCHE FLOODGATE/LOCK OPERATIONS: The South Lafourche Levee District has resumed its regularly scheduled openings. Visit for more information.
  • GREATER LAFOURCHE PORT COMMISSION ADMINISTRATION OFFICE: We’ve moved! Temporarily. Due to storm damage to our GLPC Admin office building at 16829 East Main Street, we have relocated to the newly acquired building directly behind GLPC Admin. Our temporary physical address is 131 East 91st Street, Cut Off, LA 70345. Our phone numbers remain the same.


Thank you for your support in getting us all back to business safely in Port Fourchon.