September 15 @ 10:30 a.m. – Ida Recovery Phase, Update 18

Hurricane Ida
September 15, 2021
10:30 a.m.

Port Fourchon’s Recovery Phase continues post-Ida as we progress toward getting operations back in business and our tenants back to work.


  • WATER: The Lafourche Parish Water District has started sending water to Fourchon. Because it may take a day to build up water pressure to adequate levels for mass usage, tenants are asked to keep their facilities’ 2” water meters closed for the next 24 hours, conserve water, and refrain from non-essential use. That will help to restore water supply for all port users. Please report any possible leaks to the Water District at 985-532-6924.
  • BAYOU LAFOURCHE: Bayou Lafourche remains closed to marine traffic north of Leeville per US Coast Guard. Surveys have found shoaling and obstructions throughout the channel from Leeville to Larose. This week the US Navy salvage team, in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers, is enacting a plan to clear multiple obstructions from Bayou Lafourche, including the area between the Ted Gisclair Floodgate in Larose and the Leon Theriot Lock in Golden Meadow. As weather conditions allow, a Navy team will be starting salvage work in Leeville to remove a large fishing vessel from the channel, and in the following days that team will begin salvaging smaller vessels inside the floodgates. Equipment is also en route to tackle the larger vessels obstructing the channel in Bayou Lafourche. We ask that vessels remain clear of the area until salvage work is complete and the channel is officially declared clear of obstructions.



  • ROADWAYS: Roadways are clear to and within Port Fourchon. Please use caution when traveling recently cleared roadways. LA 1 to Grand Isle has limited access for property and business owners and emergency services.
  • PORT WATERWAYS: The US Coast Guard has set Port Fourchon as Port Condition: Normal with Restrictions. Both Belle Pass and Port Fourchon waterways are open for 24/7 operations. CLICK HERE to view Marine Safety Information Bulletin MSIB 033-21 for details.
  • CURFEWS: The nightly curfew hours are 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. for all of Lafourche Parish. Port Fourchon’s nightly curfew will remain in effect for vehicular traffic, with the exception of some overnight deliveries.
  • NIGHTTIME DELIVERIES: Port Fourchon is allowing overnight deliveries if needed by port tenants, but the Port Fourchon Harbor Police are maintaining a checkpoint on Hwy. 3090 to ensure the safety and security of the port and its users. Nighttime delivery drivers should be prepared to give the following information at the checkpoint:
    • What dock or facility they are visiting
    • Who is accepting delivery there (contact person)
    • Drivers may be asked to show manifests or delivery orders
  • TENANT FACILITIES: Port tenants have been given full access to return to their facilities, and several of our larger tenants have either returned to operations or are readying themselves for operations in the port. Tenants’ employees should contact their employers for specific information on returning to work in Port Fourchon.



  • POWER: Entergy’s estimated restoration date for Lafourche Parish is September 29.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Most cell service has been restored, and outages are becoming less frequent.
  • COMMERCIAL FUEL: Stone Fuel is operational. C-Port Stone is also operational. Martin 16 is operational.
  • FOOD, GAS, & SUPPLIES: There are no convenience stores, gas stations, or restaurants open at this time.
  • DEBRIS REMINDER: The Port Commission asks that you NOT place debris along the side of the roadway. This impedes access by utility workers and could delay getting services restored to port tenant facilities. You must stack debris within the footprint of your facility, as there is no debris staging area in port.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES: Temporary fire and emergency services have been established in Port Fourchon, and Port Fourchon Harbor Police are continually working security for the area from a law enforcement perspective.
  • GREATER LAFOURCHE PORT COMMISSION ADMINISTRATION OFFICE: We’ve moved! Temporarily. Due to storm damage to our GLPC Admin office building at 16829 East Main Street, we have relocated to the newly acquired building directly behind GLPC Admin. Our temporary physical address is 131 East 91st Street, Cut Off, LA 70345. Our phone numbers remain the same.


Thank you for your support in getting us all back to business safely in Port Fourchon.