FAA funds South Lafourche Airport Taxiway

(GALLIANO, LA) – The Greater Lafourche Port Commission is pleased to announce that the Federal Aviation Administration has granted almost $4.3 million to fund the completion of a full parallel taxiway at the South Lafourche Leonard Miller, Jr. Airport (SLLMJA) in Galliano. This is one of the largest single FAA grants given to a general aviation airport in Louisiana. With a marked increase in South Lafourche Airport traffic in recent years, the Port Commission has aggressively sought funding for this taxiway to better serve the aviation needs of the community.

The parallel taxiway is currently 2500 feet and will be expanded to 6500 feet, which is the length of the full runway. Benefits of a full parallel taxiway include increased safety, since aircraft do not have to be on the runway to taxi, decreased wheel load on the runway, which increases longevity of the runway structure, and lessened wear and tear on aircraft using the airport.

This parallel taxiway is part of the South Lafourche Airport’s Master Plan. SLLMJA has already completed several components of that plan since the airport was acquired by the Port Commission, including extending and widening the runway, strengthening the runway to support increased aircraft wheel loads, and installation of additional airfield lighting, signage, and navigational aids.

A full parallel taxiway means that the airport is eligible to receive additional funding from LA DOTD for navigational aids. With these additional funds, SLLMJA can work toward a full Instrument Landing System (ILS). ILS is the most precise landing system for an aircraft, allowing aircraft to descend in bad weather up to 200 feet above the runway.

“This funding from FAA is a welcome surprise,” said Port Director Chett Chiasson. “The Port Commission was expecting partial funding and was looking at ways to fund the taxiway, perhaps in phases. Now, with FAA’s show of confidence in us, we will be able to complete this project quickly and provide better airport infrastructure for our tenant companies.”

The parallel taxiway expansion process is expected to be complete in within one year.