Executive Director Informs Board of Upcoming Retirement

(GALLIANO, LA., MARCH 7, 2006) At today’s Greater Lafourche Port Commission’s Board Meeting, Executive Director, Ted Falgout informed the Commissioners of his retirement plans for the end of 2006.

“I have served as Executive Director of this Commission for over 27 years, during which time we have seen tremendous progress. Over this period I have had the opportunity to serve with many individual commissioners that have provided guidance to me and our organization,” said Ted Falgout, Executive Director. Falgout continues, “I have also worked with many dedicated employees who are largely the reason for our unprecedented success. It is with great pride that I look back on the many accomplishments of our organization over almost three decades.”

Falgout says that with all of the accomplishments of the Port, perhaps the greatest success story has been the effort to improve highway infrastructure to the Port. Falgout says, “The pace at which this effort has moved is the marvel of anyone who understands the usually extremely slow and often complicated process of advancing highway infrastructure projects. This project has advanced from being unknown ten years ago, to being the “poster child” of energy infrastructure at risk, even at the national level, and over $200 million has been amassed to date for construction.”

Falgout commented that the voters of the 10th ward of Lafourche Parish who decided to tax themselves many years ago to build a port have a lot invested, and he encouraged them to take very seriously their obligation to select commissioners that will guide the organization into the future. “I leave this organization with what I feel is a very talented and dedicated staff that is comprised of a good mixture of young and experienced personnel. I have full faith that given the opportunity and full support of the Commission, the next director can experience even greater achievements into the future,” said Ted Falgout.

Falgout commented on the challenges of coastal restoration and infrastructure. “I truly believe that this community has huge coastal restoration and infrastructure challenges ahead of it and the Port Commission, as it has in the past, must continue to be a very positive force in addressing these challenges,” said Falgout.

Falgout concluded by saying, “It has been both a welcomed challenge and an unimaginably rewarding opportunity to be the director of this organization during this period of growth and prosperity. It has been a “good ride” as they say and although I am retiring as Executive Director, my heart and commitment remains with the betterment of this port and community as a whole.”