Did You Know? GLPC’s Partnership with NOAA, Other Agencies Helps Provide Publicly Accessible Tidal Data for Port Fourchon

(CUT OFF, LA) – With the potential threat of a 3 to 5-foot storm surge affecting southern Lafourche Parish and Port Fourchon in the next 24 to 72 hours, we want to remind residents and others that a current partnership between GLPC, the U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, National Ocean Service, and the Center for Operational Oceanographic Products/Services gives the port access to real-time tidal data.

This data is accessible under the Weather and Storm Info tab on our site at portfourchon.com.

After selecting CLICK HERE for NOAA’s Port Fourchon Tides & Currents Webpage, you will gain access to tide data that is updated every six minutes.

This data can also be acquired by calling toll free at 1-855-687-2084 and selecting 1 when prompted.

The system responsible for providing this useful data has been in Nerby Collins Public Marina since 2003 and consists of one water level sensor, satellite transmitter, rechargeable batteries, solar panels and telemetry system (radio/modem/antenna for telephone modem).

There are other sensors available such as currents, waves, salinity, water temperature, bridge heights, winds, visibility, atmospheric pressure, and air temperatures.

With a new Memo of Agreement (MOA) recently approved by the GLPC Board of Commissioners, this will ensure this valuable system and resource will remain in place for the next several years.

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