Port Fourchon Continues to Grow as Demonstrated by Latest Phase II Bulkhead Expansion

When combined with the 1,671 LF of bulkhead already constructed, this additional 400 LF will bring the total amount of bulkhead in this project to 2,070 LF.

(CUT OFF, LA) – After the Greater Lafourche Port Commission completed 1,671 linear feet (LF) of bulkhead as part of its Northern Slip C expansion project in February, it was determined that GLPC had surplus dollars that went unspent in the current iteration of Port Priority Program funding to flow through Port Fourchon.

With this said, GLPC took the proactive step of adding another 400 LF of bulkhead in the Slip C area.

Once this extra bulkhead is constructed, Slip C will feature 2,071 linear feet of waterfront property, which effectively adds around four tenths of a mile of space for prospective tenants to operate from.

Picciola & Associates is performing the design and engineering on the extra bulkhead, while Sealevel is the contractor for the bulkhead project.

The cost of the bulkhead projects (Phase I and II) was more than $13.96 million, with better than $11.42 million of this coming via the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Developments Port Priority Program. GLPC provided the additional funding totaling roughly $2.54 million.

When combined with nearly $1 million already spent on dredging work performed on Slip C, this expansion represents a capital investment of $14.9 million.

A substantial portion of the costs associated with the dredging was also provided thanks to the Port Priority Program, which is a grant that covers 90 percent of construction costs for projects selected for the yearly program.

Picciola & Associates performed the design and engineering on both the bulkhead and dredge work for Phase I of the project, while Crosby Dredging was the contractor for the bulkhead project. Magnolia Dredge & Dock led the way on the actual sweep dredging of this bulkhead project in Slip C.

“This project from start to finish demonstrates further our commission’s commitment to providing our customers in the deepwater offshore energy production sector with additional resources in the realm of potential future tenants who are already actively engaged in pursuing the available lease space this project affords them,” GLPC Port Director Chett Chiasson said.

With this newest expansion, Port Fourchon now has more than 75,000 LF of bulkhead.

According to Chiasson, the port continues to expand, primarily because of future projects on the books for numerous companies representing the oil and gas industry.

“When your tenants provide services and support to more than 95 percent of deepwater offshore energy production out there, the need for more areas for expansion never ceases,” Chiasson said. “We are also blessed to have tenants that excel at what they do and continue to make a good name for themselves because of the superior services they provide.”

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