Newly Installed View Finders Offer Amazing Visuals of Surrounding Landscape, Offshore Structures

View finders located at the Public Boat Launch offer an opportunity to get a different look at Port Fourchon.

(CUT OFF, LA) – Looking for something to take your mind off what’s going on around us?

Well, thanks to the recent installation of two free public view finders at the Irvin P. Melancon Public Boat Launch, you can.

The view finders were purchased with port funds and grant money generously awarded to the Greater Lafourche Port Commission last year when GLPC was named a recipient of Tourism Investment Program dollars from Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou.

The view finders are mounted on pedestals and are located on the upper level of the bathhouse near the boardwalk that runs alongside Bayou Lafourche.

“We are delighted to debut these view finders at a site close to the southernmost tip of our port,” GLPC Executive Director Chett Chiasson said. “These view finders offer unparalleled access to the surrounding visuals that make our port what it is. Whether you want to glance at the black mangroves in the adjacent marsh to do some bird spotting or peer offshore where you can find structures that help supply the critical energy that powers our country, these state-of-the-art view finders give you that ability in a controlled setting.”

The self-focusing view finders can swivel and are placed on either side of the upstairs decking to provide the necessary distancing for safe viewing.

GLPC maintenance staff are making sure to disinfect the view finders several times daily to ease the minds of those planning a visit to check out these viewing devices.

“For the foreseeable future we will regularly disinfect the view finders as we do our part to mitigate risks of anyone being exposed to COVID-19,” Chiasson said.

Two viewing platforms are currently being planned for construction at the Greater Lafourche Port Commission’s Coastal Wetlands Park, located across the street from GLPC’s Fourchon Operations Center on Flotation Canal Road.

One of these view finders will be handicap accessible, and both will provide stunning views of a nearly 100-acre marsh that has slowly been transformed from open water to an immersive recreational area with an embedded tidal creek.

The view finders are only one of many plans for this GLPC’s Coastal Wetlands Park site, which will eventually see the implementation of a walking trail, learning pavilion, kayak access, and more.

Currently, the goal is to have these additional two view finders ready to go for later this year.

Chiasson said he’s proud to demonstrate the power of partnerships like the one GLPC has with Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou, and added he looks forward to future opportunities where both agencies can harness their collective resources to provide further recreational engagement chances for community residents and visitors alike.

To learn more about Louisiana’s Cajun Bayou, please visit them at their informative and extremely interactive site.

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