Bicyclist Makes Point to Visit Port Fourchon on Journey Across America

Photo of Adam Iscoe

Adam Iscoe is currently bicycling his way across America using primarily the bike you see above to get from place to place.

(CUT OFF, LA) – Adam Iscoe seems like your normal, everyday guy, except he’s not.

The 23-year-old Texas native is currently bicycling across America after being awarded the Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize by UC Berkeley in California.

Ever since finding out he received the prize, he’s been traveling the countryside with a specific interest in visiting rural, remote areas to learn more about the people and things that make them tick.

Having started his journey in September of 2018, Iscoe has now traveled hundreds of miles spanning the Midwest and elsewhere.

Port of Call
According to Iscoe, the Port seemed like a logical stop because he was fascinated with how industry and environment converged in the middle of a coastal marsh fighting off the harsh realities of land loss, while looking to preserve what remains.

Iscoe was impressed with what he saw and said his journey was worth it, which is good, considering Iscoe biked over 60 miles to get to Cut Off on Thursday, February 14th, after visiting New Orleans the previous few days.

“What made it super tough was biking in to the wind the whole way down here,” Iscoe said. “It made a tough bike ride even tougher.”

Highlights of his visit to the Port were seeing the huge storage tanks the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) has visible from Airport Road as well as viewing the Lady of the Gulf Memorial statue outside the Fourchon EOC.

Several times during his visit, Iscoe commented about the beauty of the Port and how scenic the views were from on the water to along the highway on a stretch of old LA 1.

Iscoe even had the opportunity to grab a nice meal at Moran’s Marina before being dropped off at his hotel near the GLPC administrative office in Cut Off.

Backing Out
To hear Iscoe tell it, his adventure that started in September ended abruptly during the December and January timeframe after he “blew some discs in his back.”

During those two months he stayed in New York with his girlfriend while catching up on chronicling what had happened in his first three months on the road.

“I sort of had to just battle through it and get back on the road because I have a year to exhaust the prize money for my trip,” Iscoe said.

Days on a bicycle include onlookers, large trucks honking at you while you hug dangerously close to a main road via a shoulder. Depending on the wind direction, traveling by bike becomes difficult to say the least, especially for someone with a bad back.

The Journey Continues
As Iscoe leaves southern Lafourche Parish and heads to his next stop, the one certainty is this former Eagle Scout turned journalism teacher at a state prison in California is a well-traveled young man.

Iscoe’s Writing Between America project “aims to explore the texture of rural America.” Telling these stories includes meeting with random people and engaging them in conversation daily in an effort to connect with individuals of varying backgrounds.

What the future holds for Iscoe is anybody’s guess, but according to him, where there are roads you will find him peddling from one place to the next with unique occurrences happening regularly.

One such incident took place prior to Iscoe embarking on his trip to Cut Off and Port Fourchon.

“I was outside resting eating some Brother’s chicken (brand of fried chicken), and I see this guy approaching me with a similar set up as myself,” Iscoe said. “Come to find out he was from England and was biking across the country. We were able to keep ourselves company as we rode together for an entire day.”

After he finishes his journey in September of this year, Iscoe plans on writing up a long-form piece for publication in a magazine and/or a book or both.

To follow Iscoe as he tracks across America, visit or check him out on Instagram @iscoe.